Make Sure You Do This When Storing Your Tesla

We’ve had quite a few electric cars come through our doors now. One volt had even been stored with us for two years with no fuss. We’d like to think we have these electrics figured out but we had a surprise with two Teslsas (oddly at the same time) while in our care. The Key fob had gone completely dead. These keys are expensive so you could imagine our panic, thinking we were going to have to buy two new…


Go to the South OC Cars and Coffee!

I decided to wake up at the buttcrack of dawn, clean my car and park it at the Outlets in San Clemente this past weekend. I am really glad I did. This is the cars and coffee for people who love everything. New Ferraris, Armored Cars, Off Roaders, Imports…everything. Best of all the owners are all super approachable and love their vehicles…no pretense, no snobbery. This is a weekly show on Saturdays from 7-9.

We Made More Room!

I know its been a while since we’d last updated our blog. We undertook an extensive project to re-purpose some of our warehouse space for more cars! Over the past 2 months we demo’d a food processing plant at our Otay location. We now have an extra 10,000 square feet in which to house more civilian and military member’s cars and trucks. Heres a short video of us dropping the final vent ducts for clearance. A post shared by AAAA…


Welcome Home to The Sailors and Marines of the Makin Island, Somerset and Comstock!

We have been gearing up for this day for the last several months…the USS Makin Island Battle group has returned from deployment. We took in over 80 cars from Marines and Sailors about 6 mos ago. After their tour of duty they arrived back on US shores today. Thank you for allowing us to take care of your cars, trucks, motorcycles. It was a privilege to do so!