Classic Car For Sale By Owner: 1967 Lincoln Continental

We have had quite a few interesting cars come up for sale recently: 993 Coupe, 993 Cabriolet, and a 1957 Cadillac Convertible. Now we’ve got something very special from the Ford Family: A 67 Lincoln Continental Convertible.

How To Ensure Your Car Is Up-to-date On Safety Recalls

We store A LOT of cars….over 30,000 total throughout our 45+ year tenure in the car storage business. We take a vested interested in making sure our customers’ cars are safe when they come out of storage a go back on the road.

Sunday Funday Jaunt

We convey through our advertising that we are car people. Hopefully through this post its even more evident that we are!

Why Do We Leave Hoods Ajar During Storage?

As a part of our inspection when a vehicle comes in, we will pop the hood, lift to inspect the engine bay/ battery, and then gently close it so that it stays ajar.