Customer Cars Headed To Mecum Anaheim

Two of Our Customer’s Cars are heading to Mecum Anaheim!

Classic Car For Sale By Owner: 1967 Lincoln Continental

We have had quite a few interesting cars come up for sale recently: 993 Coupe, 993 Cabriolet, and a 1957 Cadillac Convertible. Now we’ve got something very special from the Ford Family: A 67 Lincoln Continental Convertible.

How To Ensure Your Car Is Up-to-date On Safety Recalls

We store A LOT of cars….over 30,000 total throughout our 45+ year tenure in the car storage business. We take a vested interested in making sure our customers’ cars are safe when they come out of storage a go back on the road.

Sunday Funday Jaunt

We convey through our advertising that we are car people. Hopefully through this post its even more evident that we are!