How To Store A Car

How to Store A Car Long Term in San Diego

Storage Tips

1. Change the oil and filter
If you are going to store a car for a long period of time, more then a year, it is important to use an oil without additives.
2. Use a cover if you store your car outdoors
A cover protects your car from wear and tear outdoors. San Diego weather is mild but it is still important to protect your car from the elements.
3. Fill the fuel tank with fresh, premium fuel
When you store a car it is best to fill your gas tank completely in order to avoid any empty space where water can build up. It might also be helpful to add a gasoline stabilizer so that the gas does not become “gummy” over time.
4. Be sure tires are inflated to the appropriate pressure.
Low tire pressure can cause damage to the rims, if you plan to store a car for more then 12 months blocking the tires is also appropriate.
5. Disconnect Battery when you store your car long term
This will keep the battery from dying and going bad while not in use
6. Make sure all your fluids are filled and fresh
This will ensure that your engine has as little wear and tear as possible while not in use. At AAAA we check your cars fluids before each start.
7. Wax the car before leaving
This provides extra protection for your cars paint against the elements.

8. Add a fuel stabalizer
This will protect your cars gasoline from becoming “gummy” over time.

 Store a car with us in San Diego Call us at 619-567-8731!

When you store a car ourdoors with AAAA Auto Storage & Park, we provide the following complementary services:

  • Insurance coverage for liability and legal liability to include fire theft collision and vandalism
  • Periodic Tire Pressure Check
  • Fluid check anytime before we start your vehicle
  • Battery disconnection and maintenance

When you store a car indoors with us we perform all of the above and…

  • Guaranteed starting of your vehicle 2-3 times monthly
  • Perioidic movement of your vehicle within our storage area (good for engine, transmission, and tires)

For an additional fee we can:

  • Wash/ Detail your Vehicle before you return
  • Coordinate body and upholstery work with off-site licensed partner shop
  • Coordinate mechanical repairs, upgrades, and routine service with off-site licensed partner shop
  • Block your vehicle during storage for long term stays
  • Trickle charge your vehicles battery(s) throughout its stay with us
  • Add fuel stabilizer to fuel mixture