Litigation & Evidence

AAAA Auto Storage offers secure car storage for evidence & litigation!

Attorneys, store your vehicle for evidence & litigation with us today!

  • We offer covered outdoor and indoor storage for vehicles involved in litigation and being held as evidence
  • Forklift and inspection services are available
  • Access to vehicles is strictly controlled at all times

AAAA Auto Storage & Car Park is the best solution for Lawyers, Insurance Companies, Police Agencies, and anyone
else in the San Diego area that needs car storage while in litigation.

Our facilities allow vehicles to be safely stored for evidence & litigation in an environment where they are safe from tampering and can be used as evidence. Access to the vehicles is strictly controlled and monitored at all times.

AAAA Auto Storage & Car Park is conveniently located close to Downtown San Diego and we offer affordable month to month litigation & evidence storage rates.

For Rates on Safe and Secure litigation Storage Call Today 619-567-8731!