Multiple Car Storage

If you have two cars and the military is paying for your car storage it is often possible for AAAA to store both vehicles and save you money. Each situation is unique so give us a call at 619-567-8731 and ask us about how we can save you money on storing multiple cars. At AAAA we strive to make your car storage experience as hassle free and simple as possible.

See our list of services below:

When you store your vehicle with AAAA Auto Storage & Car Park in San Diego, we automatically provide the following complementary services:

  • Insurance coverage for liability and legal liability to include fire theft collision and vandalism
  • Periodic Tire Pressure Check
  • Fluid check anytime before we start your vehicle
  • Battery disconnection and maintenance

Additionally, With indoor storage you get all of the following:

  • Regular tire pressure checks and fill if necessary
  • Guaranteed starting of your vehicle 2-3 times monthly
  • Period movement of your vehicle within our storage area (good for engine, transmission, and tires)

There are many advantages to indoor car storage including:

  • Protecting your car from the damaging effects of the weather
  • Extends the life of your cars interior including upholstery, leathers, dashboard, ect.
  • Paint is protected from dust and grime wear and tear
  • Vehicle is safe from accidental damage, dents, and scratches.
  • Protects from tire wear and cracking
  • Protection from bleaching of canvas covers for convertibles
  • No rainwater seepage or buildup
  • No bug, snake, or rodent problems
  • No damage to window tints