POV Storage

Attention Service Men and Women,


If you are deploying overseas and the US Government has offered POV storage, you should know 3 things before you make your decision:

1. The Government storage option is an OPTION

In fact, you can store your vehicle with a storage company of your choosing.

While on deployment, the government will reimburse you for each month of storage.

2. You are taking a risk when you store with the government

So many hands will touch your vehicle during the shipping and storage process, there are many opportunities for it to get damaged.

There are plenty of anecdotes on the San Diego Government Option yelp page:


…decide for yourself

3. If you have two or more vehicles to store, WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY if you store them with us

The government will only allow you to store one vehicle. If you have more than one, that is on your dollar.

However, storing both vehicles with AAAA Auto Storage & Park saves you more money than storing one!

Why choose AAAA for your POV: 

  • We have been around since 1968 which means we have the knowledge to care for your vehicle…we are CAR PEOPLE
  • We are local and store our vehicles here locally
  • If you have leave, you can pick your vehicle up and drop it back off. The Government Option will not allow this.

We are happy to answer any questions.

Call us at 619-567-8731 or email us for details!