An Easy Way to Get Rid of Battery Corrosion


Customers will often bring their vehicles in with battery corrosion and we can catch it during the preliminary vehicle inspection.

Battery corrosion can lead to an overworked alternator, eroded battery terminals, and rust damage to the unibody of a car. A battery can even burst due to symptoms arising from corrosion.

Most people are intimidated by what is under their hood. However, we have developed a quick and easy way to clean current and curb future battery corrosion.

Step 1


Depending on how much corrosion you are dealing with, boil 16 to 64 oz of water. You can use the hot spigot on a water cooler as well if that is easier.

Step 2


Take the water and pour it out slowly on all of the rusty areas of the battery (Terminals, tie downs, etc).

Step 3


Have ready a battery protector spray. You can get this at any auto parts store, Walmart, or Amazon. Spray on all metals surfaces of the battery and the top of the battery.

You’re done!

This comes in handy when we have a customer’s car going into storage and we have to act quickly before putting it in its final parking spot. The last thing we want is for a customer’s battery terminals to be eroded away when he/she returns.