Cleaning the Inside of Your Windshield

Recently we’ve had a few customer complain that there were smears and smudges on the inside of their windshields right after they were washed and ready to go out.

Surprised by this, we investigated. What we found was that the black microfiber towels that we get from our rag and shop supplier, were oily. Either that was their composition or they were being laundered with oily rags.


Our solution was to order up some neon yellow microfiber towels to see if there was a difference in composition. They are also lighter, so the have to be laundered more carefully as to not appear dirty.

The verdict? We were able to clean customer windshields with no smudges when using the yellow towels!

Moral of the story? Make sure that you are washing your towels carefully and make sure they aren’t being laundered with oily rags or clothes.

This may seem like a minor detail, but it can make the difference between a good and bad presentation when showing your freshly washed vehicle.

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