Corvette Exhibit

When my dad and I aren’t arguing about if 911s are worth the money or whether the CTS will ever surpass the 3 series in customer perception, we like to spend quality time together. So we decided to go take a look at the Corvette Exhibit at the San Diego Auto Museum.

The Corvette is a true American Icon.

Since its inception in 1953, GM has never stopped production and buyers around the world have never stopped loving it.
The exhibit was very well done. With examples from every iteration of the car, my favorite has got to be the first 427 car from 1966.

The San Diego Auto Museum also has several other permanent exhibits.

For example their motorcycle collection is very impressive. They even have some of Steve McQueen’s Husqvarna dirt bikes.
Considering its about nine bucks a head for entrance and you can enjoy Balboa Park’s beautiful surroundings gratis, this is really a no-brainer outing.

You can read up on the San Diego Auto Museum and the Corvette Exhibit at The Corvette Exhibit runs through January 2014.

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