Does Bird Crap Damage Your Paint?


We always tell customers to bring their cars in clean for storage. However somehow birds know (built in radar?) where the clean cars are. So before we even get them, there is bird doo doo on an otherwise pristine car ready to be stored.

Bird droppings can damage your paint. This is especially a concern when the vehicle is stored of an extended period of time. In fact, we always make a point to either wash or wipe away bird droppings on customer’s cars as soon as we take delivery. A little extra effort is worth not having tarnished and stained paint when you return to pick your vehicle up.

Why does bird poop stain your paint? It actually doesn’t stain it nor does the acidity in the bird droppings ‘burn’ the paint.

What is happening is that as the paint heats up (from being in the sun or hot area) the clear coat, color coat, and metal expand. The bird crap will harden and contract. The effect is that the bird crap acts as an island in the fluid paint. When the paint cools down it hardens and forms around the dried stain as if it were a cookie cutter. If you then wipe the bird droppings away, you will see something that looks like a stain, but is in fact just an imprint of the poop in the clear coat.

Regardless of what it really is, it is still frustrating to deal with if you leave it there for too long. Our advice is to carry micro fiber towels and a spray bottle of distilled water in your car. With the water, you can spray away the bird poop and wipe away with the towels. This whole process will minimize scratches and future stains!

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