Lithium Ion Batteries


Within the last few years Lithium Ion batteries have become affordable enough to where people are considering them as a substitute for traditional lead acid batteries in their motor cycles and high performance cars (like Porsche).

Even we bought a lithium ion battery jumper for our shop.

People are doing this mostly because of weigh savings.

Last week Ford made an announcement that with Samsung’s help, they want to completely kill off normal lead acid batteries in their new vehicles. While the weight savings would only be about 40% under current traditional batteries, little weight savings ploys here and there (see the all new aluminum chassis Ford F-150) will add up.

All of this is very interesting and I have no doubt that this is the future, but I wonder how these batteries will fair during storage. Especially as all vehicles (even old ones) are retrofitted with Li-Ion offerings. Will they last as long? Will the handle a trickle charge as easily? Will they all have to be trickle charged rather than disconnected?

AAAA Auto Storage will be waiting to see what the future holds!

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