My 3 Tips for Parallel Parking

I just saw a woman in a Prius try to parallel park her car in a space that could have fit a suburban into it. She failed miserably.

Inspiration struck:

This is not just a mean spirited post meant to shame this person I saw. We deal with parking situations in our warehouse and outdoor storage yard. Tolerances are very tight in both areas since we are always trying to maximize our space. Therefore it really makes sense for us to practice good parking procedures.

By the way, the method of HOW to parallel park has been done to death on the internet. Here is my favorite guide. This post is more about tips and tricks that I have found useful.

Parallel-parking-690x266 (1).jpg

1)      PRACTICE!

Like everything else in life, the more you do it the better you get. Experienced parallel parkers don’t need tips, tricks, or angles. They just inherently understand the spacing of their car and at what angle to turn their wheel.

2)      Don’t enter the spot head first.

You’d be surprised at how many drivers I see try to enter parallel spot like a bank robber. Yes, it may seem initially more comfortable to do this (we are all more comfortable driving forward than backward) but if you do this you will not be able to make any adjustments in reverse. Parking parallel with the curb will basically be impossible unless the spot is huge.

3)      Use a Spotter

Two sets of eyes are better than one! If you have a passenger or can enlist a pedestrian’s help you can have them guide you back. You don’t want to play bumper cars.

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