New Service: Plasti-Dip!


The two main problems with painting portions of your car is that it’s 1) expensive 2) permanent. If you don’t have the dough, don’t like the result, or have to sell or return your car (lease) any aftermarket additions will lower the value.


That is why plasti-dip is so great. Plasti-dip, a relatively new product, comes in an aerosol can and can be sprayed onto most surfaces on the exterior of your car. It creates a thin synthetic layer that almost feels like plastic. It can be had in most colors and in matte or gloss finish. There are even a few versions that mimic chrome.


We finally had an opportunity to source a vendor for said services. A customer of ours owns a Maserati whose front badge chrome was deteriorating. A new grill was over $1,000 excluding install so that was off the table. Our work around was to plasti dip the emblem gloss black. Here is the result:


Not bad for $75 eh?

Full credit to Dip-SD and Rami…he did a great job and even re-did the badge when we weren’t pleased on the first attempt.

If you need this service, please give them your business. We will in the future!

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