Part I: Pre Storage Prep (the bare minimum)


Cleaning your car before you put it into storage is THE MOST important part of preparing your car for storage. The longer you plan to store the more thorough you should be.

At the BARE MINIMUM you should do the following: 

Clean the food and trash out of your car


This may sound obvious but leaving food or loose paper and trash will attract rodents. Rodents make nests in your car and will chew wires. Repairing or replacing a wiring harness can cost thousands of dollars. In fact, at AAAA we require that your car is free of trash.

Give your car a wash


A quick 15 minute automatic car wash can go a long way. As road debris, chemicals, and soot settle on to the exterior of your car, the more acidic varieties can cause slow oxidization of your car’s paint. Parking your car by the ocean will cause this as well.Permanent stains can also occur from regularly parking your car in industrial areas.  AAAA Auto Storage can perform a prewash on your car if you are in a time crunch or just prefer us to handle it.

Buy a car cover


A car cover is recommended whether you store your car in or outdoors because it will protect the paint and interior from the sun and elements. At AAAA Auto Storage & Park, if you bring a cover, we are happy to put it on for you free of charge.  If you don’t, we are happy to provide on to you for a nominal charge. Just remember that if you plan to store long-term (6 mos or more) car covers tend to deteriorate, especially in the sun.  Again, when you car is with us, we will notify you via phone or email if your car cover is degrading and give you the option to buy a new one.

If you do these three things before storing, we think you will be off to a great start in getting your car prepped for storage.

Next up we will talk about going the extra mile before storing with detail suggestions.

AAAA Auto Storage & Park