The New Jumper Box


We bought a new toy today: It’s a new jumper box!

I know doesn’t sound THAT exciting…but when you are dealing with lots of weak/ dead batteries a good jumper will pay for its self over and over.

Traditionally jumper boxes look like this:


They are big (size of a laptop bag) and heavy (15-20 pounds) which makes them cumbersome. This can become a liability when you have to squeeze into tight spaces in your garage or trunk to jump a battery. You risk scratching the paint or scuffing the interior of your car.

They also have to be charged often and long (several hours) so if you are using them as often as we do, you have to keep several around as spares and rotate.

Meet our NEW jumper:

This little guy is the Antigravity Battery Micro Start XP-1. It is the size of a PlayStation Vita, about as light, and will crank almost any motor you throw at it. Also it charges in about an hour and a half and has a pretty good capacity.

It also has several outputs to charge peripherals and an LED flashlight.

As a bonus, its even made right here in California in City of Industry.

If this works as well as advertised, I think we will be buying several more.

Check the range of Antigravity products here.

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