Welcome to USS Coronado!


Most of our customers come from the armed services. Their deployment schedules necessitate the need for car storage.

It therefore makes sense that we keep up with what old ships are leaving and the new ones that are coming to town as well.

With that said, meet the USS Coronado! This new ship has arrived at San Diego’s 32nd yesterday 03.10.14.

This ship is completely modern, fast, and flexible. It is only one of two littoral trimaran ships in the US Naval fleet. It is capable of up to 40+ knots (57 mph). The flexibility comes from its ability to be outfitted with special ‘mission packages’ to support any task she is needed for.

We at AAAA Auto Storage & Park welcome each of the USS Coronado’s 40 crew-members and cannot wait to help each of them with their vehicle storage needs!

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