What Causes a Fuel Pump to Fail


It is truly a great thing that we are able to store people’s vehicles for so long. It is great for business and is a sign that we have established a great deal of trust with our customers.

However one of the downsides to storing vehicles for so long, is that it increases the chance of fuel pump failure. This is probably the most common issue that we report to customers. It is also quite laborious to replace one as often times they are buried within the gas tank. Fuel system cleaning may be required as well once we see the condition of the fuel and gas tank.

But what are the causes of fuel pump failure? Heres a list of common failure culprits:

  1. Running your car on E- Gas in the tank actually cools your pump. If you run it on E there won’t be any fuel to cool it.

  2. Running low grade fuel- So many people try to run mid-grade fuel in a premium fuel car. I have heard from professional sources that this will not hurt the car because all modern cars have ‘knock sensors’ and the car will retard the timing to compensate. While this may or may not be true, running ill-suited fuel through your gas tank will do damage to the fuel pump. Especially if the fuel filter gets clogged. That will force the pump to work harder and will fail.

  3. Corrosion- This is mostly a problem with metal gas tank’d cars. Water and old gas can both create rust and damaging particles that will clog a fuel pump. The solution here is to keep your tank topped off (especially in storage conditions) and run fresh fuel.

If you steer clear of doing the above, you will be in good shape!

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