What you need to know before you store:


We often get the same sorts of questions when making vehicle storage reservations. This blog post is to serve as a go to wiki guide for any of the most common questions we get.

Remember, our goal is to make sure your investment is protected throughout the course of storage. That starts with the customer’s pre-storage prep.

Please read all sections that apply to your vehicle.


Our insurance is a primary coverage for your vehicle. It covers fire theft collision and vandalism. That means that you can call your insurance company and suspend your collision and liability.

You may have to speak with your lien holder to get permission to do this

What our insurance doesn’t cover

Our insurance does not cover flood or earth quake. Therefore it is a very good idea to maintain at least comprehensive coverage when storing your car or truck.

It also does not cover mechanical failures during the course of storage. So for example if your timing belt snaps during one of our normal starting procedures, we cannot cover the breakage of that belt or the ensuing damage to the head, vales, pistons.

What steps you need to take

Call your insurance company and explain that you are going to store your vehicle at a professional storage facility. Also repeat to them what our insurance covers.

You may also need to call your lien holder if you are making payments or the vehicle is leased.

If you have USAA and are going on deployment, ask about ‘deployment insurance’.


Cosmetic Preparation

It is important to make sure that your vehicle is at least relatively clean when you bring it to us. This car be just a basic wash and vacuum if that’s all you have time for. Ideally you will bring your vehicle in detailed inside and out. Not only will this allow us to perform your vehicle inspection more quickly and accurately, but will also benefit your vehicle during storage. Leaving bird poop and food stains on the exterior and interior of your vehicle will not go well over 6 months of storage.


Mechanical Preparation


If your vehicle is bordering on needed a service, it is always wise to perform that service before your vehicle goes in to storage. At least get the oil changed.


Make sure your vehicle’s fuel tank is filled according to the following storage schedule:

  • Less than 6 month= ¼ tank

  • 6 months to 1 year- ½ tank

  • More than 1 year= Full Tank

Please note that you can always add more than we require. This is just a minimum.

If your vehicle has a metal gas tank, it would be wise to fill the tank completely. If you are unsure please ask us.

Fuel Additives

If your vehicle will be in storage for 6 month or longer it is wise to add fuel stabilizer to its fuel tank. You can get this at any auto parts store or amazon.com

If you drive a diesel vehicle, buy the special diesel additive. Also purchase biocide. It kills any algae that might grow in standing diesel.


Personal Items

We do allow you to keep personal items in your vehicle while it is in storage but please understand thatwe do NOT carry insurance for your personal items.

We also cannot store items that are….

  • Hazardous

  • Liquid

  • Perishable

Additionally do not obstruct access to the vehicle’s 12v car battery. Often times the access points are in the trunk or under the rear seat.


Electric Cars

Because of the novelty and scarcity of electric cars, we have to defer to the dealer and owners manuals for recommended long term storage care.

Please contact us, we will work with your factory-directed guidelines.


Trickle Chargers

Most vehicles do not need a battery trickle charger. Simply disconnecting the car battery will adequate to maintain a batteries health and charge.

However some high end and electronically sophisticated vehicles need a small charge to the battery to maintain computer and sensor health. We can attach a customer-provided trickle charger for a small additional monthly fee.


Car Covers

It is always a good idea to bring a car cover. If you have one, bring it.

IF THE VEHICLE IS BEING STORED OUTDOORS we will need both a car cover and a tarp.

Because of the many types and sizes available, we do not sell car covers. We do however sell tarps.

You can either bring a tarp and a car cover or bring a car cover and we can sell you a tarp.

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