When It Comes To Car Storage, Go With Experience


We just took a reservation for 2 cars for a period of 3-4 years today.

We in the car storage business know that these stints are not that bad for a modern vehicle. They usually hold up pretty well with minimal checks on the engine, transmission, tires, and fuel system.

However for most situations, 4 years is a LONG TIME! That’s a good chunk of your adult life. You could get through medical school in that time or graduate college.

This is also a period in which a new business could EASILY fold…and that brings me to the topic of this article:

There’s a statistic that states 50% of business will fail within the first year of opening. Further more, 95% of business will fail within the first five years…NINE-FIVE PERCENT! Pretty staggering when you think about it.

Now a quick study of the car storage industry within San Diego will yield a pool of alternatives to AAAA whose oldest member is LESS THAN FOUR YEARS OLD.

That means that if you store your car with one of our competitors for 4 years, there is a 50-95% chance that the business will go belly-up. This puts your car at great risk.

Moral of the story? Store your car with someone experience and established. We have been around since 1968..and we aren’t going away anytime soon!

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