CAR FOR SALE ON BRING A TRAILER! 2011 BMW 335is 6 speed Manual


We do sell cars for customers from time to time, but this one is special! This is one of our personal cars. A 2011 BMW 335is with a rare optioned 6 speed manual.

We bought this car about 5 years ago and enjoyed the heck out of it, but because of improvements we’d like to do on our facilities (to make where we keep YOUR cars that much nicer) we are deciding to part ways with her.


This is kind of a peculiar car. Most people who come into contact with it just see it as a 3 series. There are a select group of people who understand the car…a certain kind of enthusiast. Therefore we decided to list the car on an enthusiast focused auction site called ‘Bring A Trailer’. Check the link out for some great stuff.


There’s a lot of information out there about the e9x cars (that generation 3 series) and of course good info on the ‘is’ variant too and the folks at Bring A Trailer have done a nice job with the ad copy.

If you are interested in the car please check her out here…and happy bidding!