New Storage Tool: Tire Rests


Car storage is not a cutting edge industry…we think its pretty cool but not a lot of big leaps in tech.

However every once in a while we do get to try out a new toy and sometimes it makes our jobs easier or the customer happier (maybe both?). This time it was the Tire Rest.


The tire rest is an alternative to blocking. This particular one is branded as a tire rest but there are other designs called tire cradles. You can buy the ones we’re talking about here.


In the past we would have had to either use jack stands or wooden blocks to get a car off the ground. We’ve talked about why before but we block a car in order to keep the weight off of the tires. When storing for several years it keeps the tires from developing flat spots. Tires are so good now that they don’t really need the help for just a few months of storage.


Blocking can be a pain…you need a jack and have to go to each wheel individually. This makes it especially difficult to put the car in a corner (something you might want to do if you don’t plan to use it for some time).


These rests solve that problem. You simply drive right over them (we’ve found that backing over them is easiest) and then the ‘U’ shape will cradle the tire in its preferred round shape.

We are in the middle of experimenting with our first pair but it seems that the internet car forums endorse them. Give them a try!