In our last post I discussed the bare necessities when it comes to prepping your car for storage both inside and out. In Part II of our Washing and Detailing Series I’ll outline some things you can do to go above and beyond the basics:

Wash, Clay, and Wax your car’s paint


For all of the reasons we mentioned before in Part I. Keeping your paint free of dirt and contaminants will ensure the clear and underlying coats will stay tip top during storage. Washing removes most dirt and debris, clay will remove finer contaminants, and wax will add a layer of protection between the elements and you clear coat.Performing this process is especially important when storing your vehicle near salt water or in an industrial area. Just as an FYI most of our competitors in San Diego are in such locations. We are not. Additionally, you should always peform these steps when covering your car for long periods as dirt and dust can get in between the cover and your paint which will create scratch marks as the cover moves slightly over time. Washing, claying, and waxing will ensure that dust and dirt particles will be at a minimum when applying the car cover.

Shampoo your cloth interior


Giving your cloth parts of your interior a good wet cleaning is a great idea as mildew and bacteria can build up in the cabin and find its way into the Heat and A/ ducts P.U.!!!. Make sure you use a product that is designed for car interiors and be careful with high strength stain removers. They can leave spots!
Our only caution is to make sure you leave enough time between the time you finish and when you bring it to us or your local storage facility. If the carpets are still wet and the windows are rolled up, the mildew that will result will completely undo any good you might have done with the cleaning process.

Apply Leather Cleaner and Moisturizer


If you are lucky enough to have real leather seats, make sure you clean and apply moisturizer before storing your car or truck. Leather is like our own skin. It needs to be cleaned and moisturized!
However the leather does clean and moisturize its self. That’s where you come in! If you take care to moisturize before storage, it will ensure that your seats, steering wheel, and other surfaces will stay soft for years! We, however, recommend that you apply moisturizer once every six months or so. This is also a service that AAAA offers as a part of storage.

A final word: make sure that you check with your dealer regarding the leather in your car. It may be that you have SYNTHETIC leather. If this is the case, a different cleaner may be needed.

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