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SAVE YOUR TIRES: Bunkerwall Ramps

We have been blocking cars since our inception in 1968. That used to mean stacking wood blocks or using metal stands to lift the car off of its tires to prevent flat spots. We often recommend it for cars that will be stored for 1 year or longer. But generally modern tires hold up well in a storage environment, even without the blocks. However for those customers who want it, we have been moving away from that old method and…

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New Storage Tool: Tire Rests

Car storage is not a cutting edge industry…we think its pretty cool but not a lot of big leaps in tech. However every once in a while we do get to try out a new toy and sometimes it makes our jobs easier or the customer happier (maybe both?). This time it was the Tire Rest. The tire rest is an alternative to blocking. This particular one is branded as a tire rest but there are other designs called tire…

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