car for sale 2011 bmw

CAR FOR SALE ON BRING A TRAILER! 2011 BMW 335is 6 speed Manual

We do sell cars for customers from time to time, but this one is special! This is one of our personal cars. A 2011 BMW 335is with a rare optioned 6 speed manual. We bought this car about 5 years ago and enjoyed the heck out of it, but because of improvements we’d like to do on our facilities (to make where we keep YOUR cars that much nicer) we are deciding to part ways with her. This is kind…


salvage title ferrari testarossa

If You Buy This Salvage Title Ferrari Testarossa, Store it with us!

Its probably never a good idea to buy a salvaged title Ferrari and this Testarossa up for auction at copart is no exception. From what I can tell it has been driven into the dirt…maybe swampy dirt? It probably also hit something from the bottom pan because the car is a little bowed up in the photos….and maybe it’s been repaired once before because that paint on the hood doesn’t really match the rest of the rossocorsa exterior. The internet…


vendor highlight velvet touch

Vendor Highlight: Velvet Touch

We have a great wheel refinisher called American Factory Wheel (AMF) that we’ve used for years. We even wrote about them in a previous Vendor Highlight. However through another great Vendor (Tony The Dent Dude), we heard about a rim refinisher called Velvet Touch. There are many rim refinishing businesses to choose from in San Diego. However most of them operate out of a brick and mortar location. This means the wheels have to be removed, then the car has…


hyudai ioniq storage

The Hyundai Ioniq Has No Battery! Here’s How to Store It

Even though the Hyundai Ioniq has been around for a few years, we have yet to see one for storage. We got the opportunity to store one this past week. We were surprised to discover that the car has no 12 volt battery. That’s right, there is no starter battery. Almost every car has one (even fully electrics like Tesla and the Nissan Leaf) even if only to power the car’s accessories. After doing some research, it looks like Hyundai…