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Since 1968 AAAA Auto Storage & Park has been providing active duty military, auto enthusiasts, and recreational vehicle owners with the best storage experience possible. Think of us as a bank…but for your car, truck, boat or RV! As a family owned and operated business we strive to offer exceptional personal service and maintenance know-how for your automobile storage needs.


Longest Serving

Since 1968


Now in the third generation, we have seen almost everything there is to car storage, making us prepared and knowledgeable to tackle anything that may come up when it comes to car storage. Add to it, that our staff is highly passionate about cars and serving you, bring that family-owned business legacy to every touchpoint of your experience with us. With the great experience in the business and a deep passion for cars, we work hard to make AAAA Auto Storage & Park simply the best establishment for you to store your car.


 Best Price

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We will meet the pricing of any local car storage in San Diego, California. So let us know what you got and we are eager to make our home your one and only car storage destination. We are here to eagerly serve you and your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, or RV. Our facility offers indoor and outdoor storage and our staff delivers everything you may need related to car storage.


Nearby Military Base

Minutes Away


Our check-in facility is within minutes of 32nd St naval base and north Island, 15 minutes from Miramar, and 30 minutes from Camp Pendleton. Both of our storage facilities are brick-walled buildings with all concrete floors. The brick allows the ambient temperate to stay even both in the summer and the winter. The concrete floors allow your vehicle to sit on an even surface, which is good for its suspension and tires. Additionally neither of our storage facilities are near the ocean or any industrial/ manufacturing areas. This is important because salt from the sea air will pit a car’s chrome surfaces and exhaust fumes will eat away at the paint!


Personal & Prompt

 Our Service


At AAAA Auto Storage & Park we strive to offer the most personal service possible. When you send us an email from abroad, we get back to you within 24 hours. When you call us, you will speak with one of four people every time who will personally know your account…not a recording or a call center.


Meet the Team

Car Enthusiasts


AAAA Auto Storage & Car Park has been San Diego’s most trusted auto storage company since 1968. We are family owned and operated and committed to providing unparalleled car storage service in San Diego for your sports, rare or classic car. Because we have been storing cars in San Diego for over 50 years we have practically seen it all when it comes to car storage! This means that we have the experience it takes to properly store and maintain your vehicle to ensure it comes back to you in the same (or better) condition than you left it!




Ron, second-generation owner/operator, has been with AAAA for over 40 years! In 1970, Ron joined the Army (National Guard for 6 years) and during boot camp and two MOS (military occupational schools) he attended a wheel vehicle school and a track (tank) school. Outside of AAAA, Ron is an avid surfer and is an active member of the Pacific Beach Surf Club. He also loves photography: Check out his Instagram. As far as cars go, Ron loves the Germans. He’s had two BMWs and now owns a 991 Carrera S.



General Manager

Kevin started at AAAA when he was 12 years old by washing cars and putting air in tires! Since that time he has gone on to earn his Bachelors and Masters in Business from San Diego State University.




Alex has grown up at AAAA, sharing in the Greene’s obsession with properly maintained and clean equipment. You can also find Alex in the surf lineup’s of Pacific Beach and mountain biking on local trails.



Account Executive

Wendy joined our team mid 2015. Prior to working with us she was with Union Bank for 7 years…and we couldn’t be happier about stealing her away! She takes pride in knowing almost all of our customers personally and if you stop in she'll be right at the front desk.



Account Executive

Briana also came from the banking world and has quickly learned A LOT about cars and the passion our customers have for theirs. When you call you'll probably first speak with her. She'll take excellent care of you.



Facility Manager

Hugo is another fixture at AAAA as he has been with us for 20+ years! When it comes to vehicle care, cleaning, and maintenance, he literally has the hands on experience to make sure your car is correctly looked after. Hugo is a big vintage VW fan as he has 2 excellently preserved VW bugs and 1 very nice VW bus…all pre 1970!



Facility Associate

Enrique has a combined 15 years with AAAA. Like Hugo, he has the knowledge to make sure that your car runs and looks great upon your return. Aside from his automotive knowledge, Enrique is a talented electrician.


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