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At AAAA Auto Storage we proudly serve and love our military…and have been for the past 50+ years! 3 out of 4 customers we serve are active duty military. It is our mission to take care of military men and women’s vehicles while they are out completing theirs. At AAAA Auto Storage & Park we strive to offer the most personal service possible to our Military customers including a great military car storage discount.



Special Rates for Active-Duty Military

Going overseas? Put your car in INSURED safe storage for reasonable rates. When you send us an email from abroad, we get back to you within 24 hours. When you call us, you will speak with one of four people every time who will personally know your account…not a recording or a call center. California Licensed Insurance Company provides liability, legal liability to include collision, fire, theft, and vandalism. Even if your car is financed you can suspend your insurance and save the monthly insurance premiums. Check with your lien holder for more information. Call us today to find out about our military car storage discount!

Complementary services:

  • Insurance coverage for liability and legal liability to include fire theft collision and vandalism

  • Periodic Tire Pressure Check

  • Fluid check anytime before we start your vehicle

  • Battery disconnection and maintenance

Additionally, indoor classic car storage GIVES YOU all of the following:

  • Regular tire pressure checks and fill if necessary

  • Guaranteed starting of your vehicle 2-3 times monthly

  • Period movement of your vehicle within our storage area (good for engine, transmission, and tires)

For an additional fee we can:

  • Wash/ Detail your Vehicle before you return

  • Coordinate body and upholstery work with off-site licensed partner shop

  • Coordinate mechanical repairs, upgrades, and routine service with off-site licensed partner shop

  • Block your vehicle during storage for long term stays

  • Trickle charge cars battery(s) throughout its stay with us

  • Add fuel stabilizer to fuel mixture

For Rates on Safe and Secure Classic Car Storage Call Today 619-567-8731!

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