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Are you deploying overseas? Studying abroad or heading home for the summer/winter break? Have multiple vehicles you're looking to store? We have a special rate just for you! Call us today to find out more.


Spepcial Rates

Military Discount

At AAAA Auto Storage we proudly serve and love our military…and have been for the past 40+ years! 3 out of 4 customers we serve are active duty military. It is our mission to take care of military men and women’s vehicles while they are out completing theirs.


Special Rates

Student Discount

We offer vehicle storage at competitive student rates. We can store your car or truck for days, months, or even years! Don’t take Chances by depending on a Friend or a Room Mate. Neglect of your car can end up costing you more than a month of storage with us.


Special Rates

Multiple Car Discount

If you have two cars and the military is paying for your car storage it is often possible for AAAA to store both vehicles and save you money. Each situation is unique so give us a call at 619-567-8731 and ask us about how we can save you money on storing multiple cars. At AAAA we strive to make your car storage experience as hassle free and simple as possible.

Coverage with Benefits



Special Car storage Rates for Navy, Marines, Army & Air Force. Going overseas? Put your car in INSURED safe storage for reasonable rates. California Licensed Insurance Company provides liability, legal liability to include collision, fire, theft, and vandalism. Even if your car is financed you can suspend your insurance and save the monthly insurance premiums. Check with your lien holder for more information.


We Go the Extra Mile

You Get …


  • Insurance coverage for liability and legal liability to include fire theft collision and vandalism

  • Terminals cleaned

  • Periodic Tire Pressure Check

  • Fluid check anytime before we start your vehicle

  • Interior dressed, treated

  • Battery disconnection and maintenance


  • Autos blocked up, towing, lube & oil change Vinyl top treated

  • Tune-up, engine repair, body/paint work, brake work, new tires

  • New tops, new batteries, radiator repairs, batteries, charged all while you are overseas

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