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AAAA Auto Storage & Car Park San Diego also partners with many carefully vetted repair facilities in town so that we can help you restore your vehicle while it is in our care! Call us today to ask about Restoration Storage in San Diego!



Restore Your Stored Vehicle

We have a team of highly specialized and trained professionals who will be taking care of your car while in restoration storage. We guarantee to return your car in the same or better condition than when you left it with us.

Restoration storage could be good for you if:

  • Your car needs to be stored and also has repairs that need to be made

  • You are going on deployment and would like minor dings and dents repaired

  • Your cars interior needs cleaning or refurnishing

  • You want hassle free repairs to be made while you are away


Did You Know?

We will work with recommended or customer-directed resto-shops to make your vehicle available for reconditioning work to include the following:

  • New tires

  • New tops

  • New batteries

  • Radiator repairs

  • Batteries

  • Charged all while you are over seas

  • Towing

  • Lube & oil change

  • Vinyl top treated

  • Tune-up

  • Engine repair

  • Body/paint work

  • Brake work

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