AAAA Auto Storage On Vacation! …The Lemay Car Museum


While I was up in Washington State visiting the future in-laws, I got a really nice surprise! I and the future father-in-law pulled up to a huge slug-like building in the middle of Tacoma Washington. I had no idea what this was. After spotting a decaled car carrier big rig I put to and two together…we were at a car museum! The Lemay car museum is 165,000 square feet of car exhibition glory. They average over 350 cars spanned over…


Needless to say I was in heaven.

Below are some of the better shots I took while there. If you are ever in the Tacoma area you will have to check this place out…if my fiancée would let me (she wont) I would strongly consider this for a wedding venue.

You can learn all about the Lemay here.


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