ANOTHER SERVICE WE OFFER: Paintless Dent Removal


We do a lot for your vehicle while its in storage…follow the imbedded link to get the full list. However another service we just started offering, with the help of Tony The Dent Dude, is paintless dent removal

Anyone who parks in a crowded, cramped parking structure knows the aggravation of door dings. They are just major enough to annoy you but just minor enough to not warrant a full body work fix.

The solution? Paintless Dent Removal:


As you can see on this Honda Civic, there are a few pesky door dings.


Tony came out used his special set of tools, and 1 hour and $140 later, the door looked like new.


So if you plan to store your vehicle with us, we can give you an estimate for paintless dent removal and other similar services. Let us recondition your vehicle while it is in our care.

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