Check Out Regular Car Reviews


While we certainly play up the fact that we’ve stored some nicer vehicles on our webpage and social media, we probably get more normal cars than anything.

In fact Id say about 98-99 percent of what we store are daily drivers. Honda Civics, Toyota Tacomas you name it. These are the unsung heroes of our daily lives. We depend on these vehicles to get to work and school.

Except they aren’t really unsung anymore…enter Regular Car Reviews. A two-man team of auto journalists that have gone off on their own to produce decidedly low budget YouTube videos about cars that people let them drive.

But since these two guys studied English Lit, they are exceedingly eloquent. They make analogies to 80s and 90s pop culture that I couldn’t even conceive of. I think one of their reviews is completely done in the literary style of Hunter S Thompson. Pretty incredible.

It isn’t all snobbery though. They manage, through all of the obscure references and strange metaphors, to say things that car nerd and enthusiasts everywhere feel but cant express.

Bravo Regular Car Reviews. Go watch a few Episodes if you get the chance.

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