Gas Tank Sediment


If you own an older or classic car and are planning to store it, it needs to be started often.

The reason for this is gas tank sediment. Older cars that do not have much rust protection in the gas tank can end up accumulating corrosion. These sediments will settle at the bottom of the gas tank.

If the car sits long enough and is then started, the fuel pump will suck up this sediment. This could overload the fuel pump causing failure, clog the fuel system completely, or both. If you are lucky enough to have a series of fuel filters in the system, then the fuel filters will get clogged.

…Our solution for this?

We start cars that are in our care often (2-3 times per month). We also replenish gas in each car as we burn it to ensure that only fresh gas is running through the vehicle.

This not only benefits old cars, but newer ones as well. Even as new cars come equipped with sophisticated filtering systems, it is possible to overload the fuel pump and cause premature failure.

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