Hard Water Spots


The water here in San Diego County is VERY hard. What I mean is that it contains a lot of sediment.

When tap water dries on paint finish it leaves this sediment in the form of a white spot. Depending on how much water is used and how long this sediment is left to sit, it can cause serious, if not permanent paint damage.

If left long enough in hot conditions, water spots will basically imbed into the paint finish.

So how do you prevent them? Use either filtered water when washing your vehicle or wipe the water away immediately after washing

What If you already have them? The key is to act EARLY. If they’ve already engraned themselves into the paint and a simple wash won’t take care of them, try a clay bar and a bit of rubbing compound. If that doesn’t work you may have to take your vehicle to an expert detailer or body shop and ask them about a ‘color sand and buff’. Basically they will wet sand (with very fine sandpaper) and then restore the finish.

All of this is especially important before you store your vehicle. Letting waterspots sit for months at a time can only spell trouble for your clear coat.

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