I wanted to take a minute to write about Petrolicious.

Petrolicious is a website. The idea is that the producers find a car they like (always a classic of some sort). Then they make a short film on the car and its owners. Sounds pretty mundane but the key to the Petrolicious appeal is in its tag line: ‘Drive Tastefully’. I have been a big fan of this site for a while. Each video they produce is beautifully executed and expertly packaged. From the scenery to the cars, these short films are absolutely serene and soothing to the gearhead soul. The simple yet artful shots are visual treats.

I favorite piece so far has been ‘The 2.7 RS and the Pursuit of Purity’:

This is my favorite for a few reasons:

  • I love lightweight pure sports cars and the 2.7 RS is my favorite of them

  • I love Porsches

  • The owner of this car, Johathan Segal is a hometown hero. He keeps his car right here at Little Italy in San Diego.

Please check out some of their other videos out here

Here are some other pictures from their website:

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