Storage Tips for Convertibles

We just took in a very nice (for age) 1997 Toyota Celica convertible. These vehicles weren’t actually made from the factory like this but instead modified at a California Company called ASC after they were produced and then were sold at dealerships.

Anyway, if someone wants to store a convertible with us, I ALWAYS recommend going indoors if the customer can afford it. Convertibles can be very fragile and high maintenance. Even when the car is always garaged and cleaned properly, it is recommended that the top is replaced every seven years.

However if the owner cannot afford indoor storage, as I’ve talked about in my car cover post, I recommend bringing in a car cover and a tarp. The car cover will protect the paint and the tarp, bungeed underneath the vehicle, will protect the car cover and prevent it from blowing off.

Either way you are sure to protect your investment!

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