Storing your Chevrolet Volt


So we just got our first Volt! …in storage that is. I recently wrote a similar more generic post on storing your electric but wanted to give the Volt some special attention….

The Chevy Volt is GM’s foray into the electric car market. Body and interior styling are really attractive and build quality is excellent.

The Volt however is a little different than most plug in electrics. Rather than carrying a battery that gets 150-300 miles per charge the Volt battery carries a charge which is good for  approx. 30 miles. If the battery depletes, a gas motor starts and charges the battery. It basically acts as a generator for the battery…pretty clever.

Taking this car into our care has forced us to rethink how we maintain our vehicles. We have to maintain the low voltage battery, high voltage battery (the one that drives the wheels), and the gas engine. To complicate things, the gas engine only turns on when the hi-voltage battery is depleted to a certain level.

However after some brainstorming ande have come up with the following  plan for our customer:

  • While Sitting we will disconnect the 12v battery as we would any other car or truck that we are storing. More on batteries and c


Every two weeks we power up the volt and check its charge. If the charge level has decreased, we will use the volt’s portable, customer-provided charging kit (shown above). Powering up the car at this interval gives the engine a chance to start up regardless of battery charge level. This is called ‘maintenance mode’ and is a built in feature designed for people who do not regularly drive their volt long enough distances to need the gas motor.

  • Every Month we will power up the volt, set it to ‘mountain mode’ (turns the gas engine on at 40% battery charge), and drive it until the gas engine is brought to operating temperature.

This program will allow us to ensure all aspects of the car are properly maintained as promised! We want to make sure we give a customer’s car back in tip top shape whether its an old carbureted classic or on the cutting edge like the Volt.



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