We bought a new shop car!


I spent Christmas weekend buying a new shop car for AAAA. We use this to run around town, give people courtesy rides, etc. The car has to do a lot. It has to haul people, look nice, get good mpg’s, etc. Not many interesting cars in that bracket…especially below $30k. We managed to find one though.

I flew out to AZ to get it too…as they were the only ones with what we wanted: 2016 Honda Accord Sport in white with a 6 speed manual transmission.

I drove back this last Sunday…a five hour drive.

If that doesn’t speak to our dedication and passion for cars and gear head culture, I dunno what does.

Although Honda Accords have a reputation for being kind of a boring snooze fest…thankfully this one does not live up to that standing.

With a sport exhaust, new suspension, and the 3 pedal setup, this car moves…and looks great! Easily could be rebadged into an Acura. I don’t think people would think twice.

Come by and we’ll take you for a spin.

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