Why Do We Leave Hoods Ajar During Storage?


As a part of our inspection when a vehicle comes in, we will pop the hood, lift to inspect the engine bay/ battery, and then gently close it so that it stays ajar.


Most people then close it. Ill then politely explain that we wanted to keep the hood open during the course of storage. Many folks ask why. Here are the reasons:

  • Quick Battery Disconnect and Reconnect– When we are starting a car multiple times per month we want to be able to get under the hood to disconnect and reconnect your battery. This is a bit of a chore if we have to constantly get into the car to release the hood…especially with the tight tolerances we have in our warehouse

  • Ability to Check Fluids Easily– For the same logic as above, we want to make sure fluids get checked often and we want to be able to do that easily.

  • Less Wear and Tear on Hood Release Mechanism– Since we are checking under the hood often we don’t want to close and release the hood every time we need to. Doing that would put undue wear and tear on the release mechanisms…and those who are around cars a lot know that those systems can be pretty fragile.

Hope that helps explain things. Now when you see cars on our website, Instagram, or Facebook page, and their hoods are open, you’ll know why!