Why We Always Check Fluids Before Starting Each Vehicle


The Camaro in the shot above belongs to a sailor on the Wayne E. Meyer. It came to us with less than 5,000 miles on the clock and is less than a year old.

However, when we walked out to the end of our warehouse a few mornings ago we noticed a large puddle of oil originating from underneath the Camaro. It turns out that the car had its oil changed right before coming to us. The shop that performed the oil change did not put the oil filter on correctly and hence, a good portion of the Camaro’s engine oil poured onto our floor.

After discovering the loose oil filter as the culprit, we attached it, filled the oil to spec, and informed the customer.

This is why you always should check oil, coolant, and transmission fluid before starting any storage vehicle. Regardless of how old or new it is, the fluids can leak out and you can damage vital engine components in the process.

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