3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Store Your POV On Base


As we are making more and more reservations for July and August (for battle group deployments), we are getting many questions from military members on storing their vehicles on base.

At $20-$30 per month, storing your POV on base seems like a sweet deal. However, we’ve heard many base storage horror stories over the 46+ years we’ve been in business. Here are the top 3 reasons we think you should reconsider storing your car, truck or motorcycle:

1.       Vandalism

We tend to think of military bases as safe and secure places. However, based on the stories we’ve heard about cars being keyed, windows broken, and wheels stolen, military bases may not be so safe for long term vehicle storage.


2.       Dead Batteries

Unless you disconnect your own battery, I can almost guarantee it will be dead by the time you get back. Just sitting, modern vehicles draw so much power from their 12v batteries that you can assume you will need a jump when you return.

However, even IF you disconnect your battery, it still may ground out and die.

Finally, after you jump your battery back to life, vital engine, transmission, and accessory computers may not have enough voltage to perform properly. They may even need a reset from the dealer after getting inadequate power for so long.

3.       Flat Tires

After 6 months or more of storage, your tires will be flat if no one tends to them. Moreover, if the vehicle is not moved periodically, it will develop flat spots in its tires. Flat spots cannot be repaired and will probably require replacements.

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