Customer Car For Sale! 1972 Cadillac Eldorado


There’s big and then there’s 1970s Cadillac big. Enter the 1972 Eldorado…and we are lucky enough to store one and have it up for sale.

If you want absolute pillowy old school luxury, this is the car for you.

All of the numbers are silly:

  • 19 feet long (for a 2 door passenger car)

  • 8.2 liter v8 (making under 200hp)

  • 5000 lbs (dry)

  • mpg? 12…the 70s were a different time

Changing consumer tastes, smog, and the coming oil crisis relegated these kinds of cars to the history books, and frankly these are ‘special occasion’ cars now. Driving them, parking them, and feeding them is difficult in the modern motoring environment.

..but that means they are cheap! As of this posting, I have the vehicle listed for $8,900 on craigslist.

Please check it out and all of the cool photos. This one sports white paint with a blue interior and an original 8 track player. Classic.