Make Sure You Do This When Storing Your Tesla


We’ve had quite a few electric cars come through our doors now. One volt had even been stored with us for two years with no fuss. We’d like to think we have these electrics figured out but we had a surprise with two Teslsas (oddly at the same time) while in our care.


The Key fob had gone completely dead. These keys are expensive so you could imagine our panic, thinking we were going to have to buy two new keys for these cars. However, after replacing the small watch battery in each fob, they started working again. How did they go bad? Proximity to the cars!


For our cars stored indoor, we keep the keys either on the tire or resting on one of the windshield wipers.

However the Tesla Model S knows if the key is within close proximity to the car and will communicate with it constantly. This drains the battery within the key. The solution? Drill hooks into the wall and hang them at least 10 feet or so away.