Using a Car Storage Facility before Shipping Overseas


This is a guest blog post by Ship Overseas

Our company, Ship Overseas, transports cars from USA to other countries. Many of our customers use car storage facilities like AAAA Auto Storage to hold their cars for the short term. The cars range from classic to new. Sometimes there are auto dealerships in other countries that purchase cars over the internet and have them dropped off at a car storage facility while gathering other cars. This makes it easier to ship cars by container because each 40ft container can hold 4 cars so the cost of shipping drops. We also ship cars for the military to places like Korea, Guam, and Hawaii.
AAAA Auto Storage brings a lot more to the table than just storing cars. They can maintain vehicles, repair, and perform complicated mechanical work on them too. This opens a new type of business for international car shipping companies like Ship Overseas because many countries will not accept vehicles that are not running (Watch the AAAA Storage YouTube video here). A car that is not running well would have to be shipped via Container instead of RoRo. RoRo stands for Roll on Roll off. Read more about Container Shipping vs RoRo Shipping.

In Ship Overseasí experience, most of our customers who use car storage facilities are either US military, dealerships, classic car enthusiasts in Australia, or a specialty car buyer in Europe. The reason these people opt to use car storage is they donít want to leave their vehicles exposed to the elements for too long. When we ship cars overseas, we leave them on a pier along with thousands of other cars.

Once the car is ready to ship, we normally pick have one of our transport truck drivers pick it up and take it to the departure shipping port. On the West Coast it’s usually Long Beach or Oakland, but we can transport a car across country with no problem if we need to. AAAA Auto Storage can probably do this for their customers at an addition cost (taking a car to Long Beach). Many times we have an open auto transport truck picking up cars at our office in Miramar.

If you find that you need pricing to ship a car from AAAA Auto Storage to any country, go to the Ship Overseas website, fill out the quote form, and we’ll take it from there.

In conclusion when shipping a car overseas, use an auto storage facility if you have a valuable car, gathering cars for shipment, or need longer term storage like US Military.

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