VIN Verification


We get lots of questions and often help with VIN verifications. I decided based on the dearth of knowledge out there to write a quick blog post about them in order to hopefully make getting one a little easier. 

What it is


A VIN verification is a check procedure done by an authorized DMV agent. It confirms that a vehicle’s VIN matches the title or other ownership paperwork that accompanies the vehicle.

When do I need to do this?

There are lots of situations but generally it is when a car comes from out of state into the state of CA. Other states have similar rules.


Who can perform one?

The easiest way to get a VIN inspection done is to go to the DMV. During business hours they will have someone there who can quickly perform an inspection.


Another way is to go to a designated CHP station. There is a VIN officer on duty during the week.

Our preference is to call our DMV Registration Rep. Terri Beck. If you are in San Diego, she will come to you. 619-921-8910.

However, if you google “DMV registration Service” lots of options will pop up.

Hope this helps!