Another Reason to think Twice about Storing Your Car On Base


A long time repeat customer of ours brought in his 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser for storage for approx. 3 months.
He is not in the military but a merchant marine that often parks his vehicle on base next to his ship. It is also very close to NASSCO (a ship yard here in San Diego). Upon inspecting his vehicle, I noticed some blotching on top of the hood…

No these are NOT hard water spots. This is the bi-product of what happens when you store your vehicle near anything industrial for extended periods of time. Toxic pollutants from exhaust sources have landed on the vehicle’s finish and are starting to erode the clear coat on the paint.

We have a few competitors near 32nd street Naval Base and NASSCO. Anyone who values her car’s paint finish would do well to think about storing elsewhere.

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