Tire Pressures and Storage


When you store your care, make sure you check tire pressures often. This is especially true if you own an older vehicle whose rims may be a little bent….or if the tires are old, cracking, or have other potential air escapes.

When we check tires, the first thing that we do is a visual inspection. Do the tires look low? Many older vehicles with bigger front mounted engines like this Cadillac will show more of a bulge on the front tires due to the extra front weight.


Second if we think the tires looks a little low, we will check with a tire gauge. While driving the vehicle (especially under max load) it is a good idea to use the door sticker as a guide for filling tires to the appropriate level.

However during storage, we like to slightly over-fill the tires (by 3-5 psi). Not only does this allow us more breathing room for checking the tires, it minimizes the risk of getting flat spots while the vehicle is stationary.

As we have discussed, though, modern tires hold up during storage a lot better than the older ‘bias ply’ tires of old.

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