Be VERY Careful Who You Choose To Transport Your Car


Since we store cars, it’s only natural that we interface quite often with transport companies. Sometimes customers self select transporters to have their car retrieved and sometimes we receive them for short or long holds.


We also do business with a fantastic transport company out of Connecticut called A-AAA Auto Transport. Send Ian a message for a transport quote if you need a solid broker!

Auto Transport can be a nasty business. Lots of brokers and truckers and only a small percentage of them we have found to be reliable. It is difficult to cut the wheat from the chaff.


Recently we had a customer who stores a very nice car with us effectively cheap out after getting a (what he thought to be high) quote from us. He found something more economical with another broker.

That broker, combined with the trucker they bid the job to, managed to deliver the car early to San Francisco and made the choice to ship the car back down to San Diego and hold the car hostage.

I managed to negotiate our customer’s way out of this, but he still had to pay for shipping both ways. He is now fighting to get his money back. This has been two weeks of fanfare and it is still not resolved.

Moral of the story? Pay a little extra and have your car shipped with someone reliable!