Don’t Waste Your Money On An OEM Trickle Charger


Many of our customers will want to bring in their own trickle chargers so that we can actively charge their car’s battery rather than disconnecting them.


This is important for higher-end cars as they have more computers. Those computers need constant flow of the proper voltage. Choking that voltage by battery disconnect COULD cause warning lights and the car to misbehave in minor ways the next time you drive it.

However, you don’t need to break the bank to ensure your car operates normally.


A few months ago, a very long-term military customer of ours traded his CLK 550 in for a brand new Mercedes c63 S amg coupe. Stunning car. He and I were concerned however about disconnecting that battery. Naturally the customer made the right choice to have us trickle charge the car.

A quick google search yielded a comically high price for a Mercedes branded trickle charger. What’s even more funny is that a careful eye will notice that it is simply a rebranded c-tek charger. A solid charger brand for sure, but not worth the 200% markup for a 3 pointed star printed on the face.


Here is the solution I always recommended: The Black and Decker BM3B Trickle Charger. For $20 you get the option to have 6 or 12 volt charging and a whole bunch of adaptors.

We’ve had this little guy hooked up to many of our customer’s cars for years and they work great!