How To Ensure Your Car Is Up-to-date On Safety Recalls

We store A LOT of cars….over 30,000 total throughout our 45+ year tenure in the car storage business. We take a vested interested in making sure our customers’ cars are safe when they come out of storage a go back on the road.


Part of that is sometimes taking cars under our care to the dealer for safety recalls. Most customers will get a post card in the mail alerting them to this fact. We will then take the car for them to have the recall performed.

Many folks however go off of news reports and sometimes these post cards are sent in error OR its up to the service writer at the dealer to confirm if the car is in fact due for the recall in question.


The best way to check your own car? Go to This is a federally run website that is always accurate. Just put your VIN in and it will tell you all you need to know!