Classic Car For Sale By Owner: 1967 Lincoln Continental


We have had quite a few interesting cars come up for sale recently: 993 Coupe993 Cabriolet, and a 1957 Cadillac Convertible.

Now we’ve got something very special from the Ford Family: A 67 Lincoln Continental Convertible.


This particular car has been relatively untouched through out the years. The fact that it has had only two owners since last year.

Paint and interior pieces appear to be mostly original. The convertible top works well and the car runs better than any car this old I’ve experienced…smoother than I can describe.


1967 was a bittersweet year for the continental…it’s the last year of the overall 60s era design language and the last year of the convertible. Poor sales were to blame.

But two great things are happening now: 1) Ford is bringing back the Continental for Next year 2) This one is for sale!

Check it out on Craigslist